Reunert comprises a diverse group of companies both in terms of size and business activity. Broadly speaking, the group is strategically linked through its electrical, electronic and ICT engineering capabilities in either their core competencies and/or the markets they serve.

Group Strategy

Reunert’s core competencies are its electrical and electronic engineering capabilities, coupled with service skills in information communication technologies.


  • Reunert embraces values-driven leadership supported by its Group Values and Code of Ethics
  • The Group operates in diverse electronic/electrical and information communication technology markets, and in each it is focused on
    enabling customers’ purpose
  • Reunert has a federal business model. Head Office provides strategic oversight and the common core competencies required by the business units in the Group such as company secretarial and tax. This allows business units to retain their individual entrepreneurial drive, thereby increasing their agility, responsiveness and resilience.
  • The Group has well-known and respected brands, including:
    • CBI-Electric
    • Reutech
    • Nashua
    • ECN (Electronic Communications Network)
  • Major business units are either first or second in the chosen markets they participate in
  • Reunert has well-managed operations, strong cash flows and business units that collectively show resilience through macro‑economic cycles
  • The Group’s largely ungeared balance sheet creates the capacity to both execute capital projects and mergers and acquisitions opportunities
  • Reunert has a strong focus on long-term shareholder value creation – its key metrics reflect a shareholder focus, such as total shareholder return, profit, growth and return on capital employed over the economic cycle

Reunert’s strategic direction

Reunert’s strategy is centred on driving sustainable growth, increasing our diversified revenue streams and scaling our growth businesses.



Reunert and business units analyse the operating environment to evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, resources and capabilities. The Risk Committee provides the material risk matters to be considered.


The Exco, with input from the business unit management, collaboratively develop the Group strategy for Board approval. Each segment and business unit cascades its strategy aligned to the Group’s strategy.

Annual review

Business unit executives review and validate strategies annually. They identify any changes or additional initiatives required to drive the business strategy. Three-year financial forecasts are updated with new plans and initiatives. The annual budget process includes strategic key performance indicators which are incorporated in remuneration incentive targets.

History of Board oversight

Each year the Board alternates between reviewing the strategy’s implementation or approving changes to the strategy while also evaluating the strategy’s implementation. This process ensures the strategy adapts to the changing operating conditions.

2015: Approved the strategy (base year 2014)

Reviewed the strategy’s implementation

2016 - 2021: Reviewed the strategy’s implementation

2016 - 2021: Approved modifications to the strategy and interrogated the strategy implementation.

STRATEGY ROADMAP (2017 to 2021)

> Reunert entered the renewable energy market by acquiring a 62,5% stake in Terra Firma Solutions
> Reunert continued investing in growth businesses. The Group acquired SkyWire, a last mile broadband connectivity provider
> Reunert acquired DoppTech, a specialist developer and manufacturer of small-calibre fuzes. This augmented the fuze and power cell product range while opening more markets for the Fuzes cluster
> Reunert acquired a 51% stake in Blue Nova, a business that specialises in developing and manufacturing energy storage solutions. This acquisition cemented Reunert’s position in the rapidly growing renewable energy market, added new technology and broadened access to new markets
> Reunert broadened its suite of ICT solutions with the purchase of Oculus IP, a last mile broadband connectivity supplier and merged it into Skywire
> The Solutions and Systems Integration Cluster was formed to service its customers’ changing digital needs. The cluster focusses on digital transformation solutions and consulting advisory services targeted at medium-sized enterprises. +OneX is the first business unit in this cluster
> Reunert increased its stake in Terra Firma Solutions to 90% and invested in building, owning and operating solar assets
> Reunert and A.P. Møller Capital announced a joint venture, Lumika Renewables. The company will design, build, finance and own renewable energy solutions for commercial and industrial clients in selected African markets. Lumika increases Reunert’s exposure to the renewable energy market
> Blue Nova launched its new office and factory space to increase production capacity for the energy storage solutions provider
> The Group enhanced the product suite of +OneX by adding two bolt-on acquisitions in hosted private cloud services and digital media and data consulting