Investment case

Delivering financial growth underpinned by a strong balance sheet, financial discipline through considered capital allocation, and pursuing organic and acquisitive growth

Investment highlight

High quality assets in diversified sectors


Strategy growth initiatives geared for accelerated earning


Strong cash generation and a healthy balance sheet


Responsible business practices underlines investment case

  • Focused investment pillars:
    • Electrical Engineering
    • ICT; and
    • Applied Electronics with a key focus on
      • Renewable Energy opportunities
  • Accelerated growth driven by strategy execution into:
    • Expansion of the ICT Segment;
    • Renewable Energy; and
    • Internationalisation in Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics Segments
  • Typical EBITDA/FCF conversion > 65%
  • Strong dividend payer
    • DY = 5,5% (2023)
  • 2023 Total shareholder return – 47%
  • Values driven leadership and ethos
  • Ethical culture and practices
  • Talent Management
  • Strong ESG credentials
  • Strong, defendable market positions
  • Good market fundamentals support continued growth of the core businesses
  • Low capital investment requirements for core businesses
  • Demonstrable track record of consistent earnings growth
  • Strong balance sheet supports capital allocation into:
    • Digital integration solutions in the ICT Segment;
    • Expanded renewable energy offering and ownership of renewable solar energy assets
    • Increasing international revenues
  • Dividend payments are a core element of Reunert’s investment case
  • Continued reinforcement of the Group Values and Code of Ethics
  • Retention and development of critical skills
  • Revised Sustainability Strategy Framework incorporated into the Group Strategy
  • Management KPIs linked to attainable ESG mid‑to long-term goals