About Reunert

Reunert is a leading industrial group that serves the public and private sectors in the markets of its chosen geographies.

Reunert was established in 1888 and listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 1948. The Group is a constituent of the JSE Industrial Goods and Services (Electronic and Electrical Equipment) sector.

Reunert operates mainly in South Africa, with operations and offices in Australia, Lesotho, India, Mauritius, the USA and Zambia. Reunert accesses several export markets in Europe and Asia through distributors. The Group’s Head Office is in Woodmead, Johannesburg, South Africa.

Reunert’s purpose

“We are driven to enable our customers’ success.”

Group Values

Reunert has created a values-driven organisation by:

  • Placing customers in the centre of its engagement model
  • Creating technology solutions that enable our customers’ purpose

How we are structured

Reunert operates a diversified portfolio of business units organised into its Electrical Engineering, ICT and Applied Electronics Segments.

The three segments

Reunert has a federated business model and seeks to achieve scale and growth through its three segments and their associated diverse portfolio of business units.

Reunert has three operating segments: Electrical Engineering, ICT and Applied Electronics. These segments are defined by their core competencies, technology, products and services, markets and customer segmentation. Business units in these segments are grouped into clusters should they reach material financial scale or if they deliver vertical services or operate in similar markets.

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