Our strategy delivers sustainable growth and diversification

Reunert’s strategy is centred on driving sustainable growth, increasing our diversified revenue streams and scaling our growth businesses.

The strategy aims to address the Group’s material matters and provide direction for sustainable growth. While the base strategy was approved in 2014, with execution beginning in 2015, the strategic plans evolved in response to changes in the operating environment and emerging opportunities.

The strategy consists of six pillars: diversification, efficiency, innovation, our customers, our people and transformation. Reunert strives to optimise all six pillars.

The strategy’s success relies on the Group Values, Sustainability strategy and Group Code of Ethics.

Our selected areas for future growth are:

  • Continued investment in renewable energy through the Lumika Renewables joint venture to build a portfolio of solar assets and product expansion in BlueNova’s energy storage solutions
  • Last mile broadband connectivity and vertically integrated communications solutions
  • Expansion of the Group’s geographic footprint through an in-country presence in selected markets and strong export capabilities in fuzes, secure communication systems, radars and circuit breakers
  • Building a new-age ICT player in the market for our Solutions and Systems Integration cluster in the ICT Segment
  • Acquisitions that meet the Group’s strategic rationale and improve shareholder returns