Anti-Corruption and Bribery Policy

Reunert has a zero tolerance policy for unethical business conduct and complies with the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act No 12 of 2004.

The offering, giving, facilitating, soliciting or receiving of any form of bribe is prohibited.

Aids/HIV Policy

All group companies have introduced an Aids/HIV policy based on guidelines issued by Reunert. It is group policy not to discriminate against anyone who may be HIV positive and all employees who have tested positive are counselled. The majority of companies in the group provide their own intervention programmes which will include awareness campaigns, voluntary testing and access to counselling. HIV positive employees are supported by their medical-aid schemes or through programmes provided by the Department of Health.

Board committees

Board committees

Board policies

Board policies

Environmental Policy

Reunert manages a number of businesses focused on information and communication technologies, electronics and electrical engineering. Reunert is committed to identify the impact the group and its operations has on the environment and to minimise this impact. Reunert will also identify the potential impact the environment could have on Reunert and its operations.

Human Rights Policy

Reunert is committed to the protection and advancement of internationally proclaimed human rights wherever we operate and within our sphere of influence. Our business conduct is guided by the provisions of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation core labour standards.

Health and Safety Policy

People are important to us and their safety is non-negotiable. The Reunert group and its operations are therefore committed to ensuring it will conduct itself in a way that is healthy and safe in all its spheres of activity.

Whistle-blowing Policy

Reunert has a whistle-blowing programme that gives employees and suppliers the opportunity to anonymously report perceived cases of unethical practice.